The Busvia del Vesuvio service will resume as soon.

A very interesting school trip to admire the beauty of Vesuvius and its natural park. A tour bus which will be explained the history of Vesuvius and its eruptions. Admire the crater of Vesuvius and the breathtaking view of the Gulf of Naples. This excursion lasts two hours and a half will leave the excited students.
The tour can also be carried out by several groups.

Vesuvius tour base in detail

Withdrawal of the group to our Terminal Busvia del Vesuvio in Boscoreale (entrance of Vesuvius National Park).
Welcome to the students and transfer by ecological bus of low environmental impact (each bus has air conditioning, microphone, video, and has 27 comfortable seats) starting for the National Parco of Vesuvius.
Few minutes after arrival at the Reserve Alto Tirone, beginning of nature trail along the old Matrone’s Road in about 25 minutes leads to the Piazzale Superiore at 1050 meters altitude.
Unloading of passengers by ecological bus, meeting with the accompanist of Alpine guide (required for access to the crater) and walk along the path that leads to the large cone.
A tour of 1 hour and return to Piazzale Superiore, back on the bus and transfer to Terminal Busvia del Vesuvio to return at the school.

Summary excursion Vesuvius base

  • Total time of visit: 2 hours 30 min. about
  • Difficulty: medium-low.
  • Length of the path on foot: 600 m. about.
  • The path travel time: 15 minutes.